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We made this video for the Accounting side of Gonder & Associates.

Watch this to understand how we feel about serving you!

Theodore Gonder
Certified Public Accountant

I am responsible to ensure that your tax return is accurate.  My goal as your CPA is to inspire trust, confidence, and honesty in every interaction. I have 26 years of experience preparing tax returns and consulting with my clients to achieve the maximum tax benefit.  I have worked for major corporations and businesses, but I prefer working with "real" people, like you, wanting a fair shake and honest dealings.  I am a husband & family man with 7 daughters and 15 grandchildren. It may sound corny to some, but I like to treat my clients as if they were family too.

Debra Gonder
Business Development

I love helping my husband in our business.  I love helping people. I am responsible to keep things flowing in the most efficient way possible.  My goal is to make sure you feel welcomed and like part of our family.  My career has been in the medical field, this is where I learned to love, help people, and my organizational skills.  I am applying those skills to grow our family business, and to satisfy each and every client.

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